For me Matsu represents a lifelong creative journey led by my inner voice and the enjoyment of visual expression.

I approach my creative work simply by the choice to create. It’s the vision or project that drives me, and I am guided by a passion for challenge and the potential of creating something new. I love the pure joy of being on set, and bring the same creative energy and enthusiasm to any project I am working on.

My visuals are often regarded for their particular expression of colour and light, which I believe affords me the ability to draw the unseen beauty out of the spaces I am in. I bring a childlike wonder to my work, I am always hoping to capture the dragons hiding amongst the clouds.

As an artist, I am deeply inspired by other art forms, especially by music. I see music as the way we sum up what it means to be human yet never actually answer any questions. I am drawn to films, directors and artworks that discuss existential and deeper spiritual questions through the use of evocative visual storytelling. I view stories as cautionary tales and guides that help humans navigate the labyrinth of life. I respect the dedicated artisanal practise of Japanese artists, who create as though you can’t get writer’s block if you just keep writing. And the painters of the Dutch golden age lend me their insight into stunning compositions full of vibrant radiance and intricate details.

Across my career, I have won numerous awards for my stills photography and directing. There have been many opportunities to express creative freedom, and I have been fortunate to work on a diversity of projects. I have had the humbling experience of working with my local arts and music communities, I’ve seen my work displayed in Times Square and Rolling Stone (US), I’ve published a national book on the rural culture and landscapes of Western Australia and had a solo exhibition that shared with the world an integral piece of my heart, the splendour of Osaka, Japan.

I always look forward to my next collaboration, creating an inviting space for people to feel valued and able to work at their best, and I intend to bring my feverous passion for capturing beautiful images and telling engaging stories.




I am heavily inspired by the spiritual practice of Falun Gong. Falun Gong has taught me lessons in humility and to always put Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to the forefront of how I live my life. Unfortunately, this peaceful spiritual practice is heavily and unfairly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I ask anyone reading through my bio to check the following link and take away the knowledge of this brutal persecution often hidden by the vicious CCP.